Parent Agreement - Day Camp

CityReach Out of School Care Parent Agreement/Handbook
Please read this complete package, initial each section, and sign the last page. This Agreement will be placed in your child’s file at our centre, and we will also make you a photocopy for your records. Thank you!
Welcome to CityReach Out of School Care!
Values & Beliefs
1. We will take time for short prayers before snacks, field trips/travel, or if a child is hurt/worried etc. 2. Our rules will incorporate Biblical truths, eg. “Treat others with respect because God made them and loves them.” 3. We will have Christian books available as part of the children’s library (Bible story books, Christian kids magazines etc.). 4. We will offer, but not make mandatory, Christian crafts and stories 5. You will see Bible verses, Christian resources etc. in the parent letter and emails. 6. We will advertise and welcome you to the programs offered at Broadway Church. 7. We will allow our staff to share their faith with the children if they ask and we will be there to answer any questions if they would like to learn more.
1. God created the world and everything in it 2. God loves every single person and he welcomes us to talk to Him anytime we want because God is always listening. 3. God sent His only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for the sins of the world to show the world how much he loves us. (John 3:16) 4. During the Christmas season we celebrate Jesus’ birth and at Easter we remember God’s amazing forgiveness through Jesus death and resurrection.
1. Families with different beliefs and values will still be very welcome at our child care facility. Every child from any faith or background is always welcome to attend our program. We encourage families to openly discuss what is heard in our program in relation to their own personal values and beliefs. 2. Our staff will not try to lead/make the children become "Christians". CityReach Out of School Care is an opportunity for children to hear about the Gospel, but we will NOT ask the children to make a personal commitment. 3. We will not make it mandatory for children to participate in Bible studies. When do have Bible stories the children will have the option of choosing from other activities. We will refer to certain Bible truths or verses from time to time, but our goal is that values will be incorporated into regular conversations as the foundation for who we are.
Program Details/Outline
1. Parents will be given (in print and by email) a full week’s schedule of activities, trips and snacks prior to that week of camp. 2. Schedules of activities, snack and outings will also be posted on the family information board. Please note schedules are tentative and may be adjusted to the needs of the centre. 3. If a parent denies permission for their child to participate on a scheduled outing, it is the parent’s responsibility to find alternate care. 4. Each morning and afternoon a nutritious snack will be provided. Children are also welcome to bring their own snacks. PLEASE, NO PEANUTS! 5. Children will be responsible for bringing their own lunches. Parents will be notified in advance of any special days where we would provide lunch. However, they will always need to pack a refillable water bottle.
Arrival and Pick-up
1. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure their child gets to the centre in the morning and is picked up each evening. Transportation is only provided to and from the field trips during our program. 2. The parent MUST sign the child in and out each day. This is a licensing requirement. 3. The parent MUST notify the Out of School Care program if the child will be absent or not attending the program on a given day. 3. The child will be released solely to the care of the parent / other approved adult at the end of each day. 4. Specific arrangements may be made for the child to be released to an alternative guardian. Those individuals must be listed on the form authorized by the parent. The parent must notify the centre if an alternative will be picking up the child. The alternate guardian must provide photo identification that matches the information provided in order for the child to be released. 5. In the event that the alternate guardian does not provide photo identification, or if the identification does not match the information, the parent will be contacted to verify and to give authorization to release the child to the care of this individual. 6. Once the child is released to an approved parent/guardian, CityReach Out of School Care is released from any responsibility and liability of the care of the child.
Late Pick-up
1. Staff will attempt to phone parents. 2. If parents cannot be reached, staff will attempt the other contact names on the Registration form. 3. If no one can be contacted by 6:30, staff will contact Emergency Services of the Ministry of Children and Family Development. A note will be left about the child(ren)’s whereabouts.
Parents are not to send their children and will be called if the child: 1. has a communicable disease 2. has a contagious infection, including Pink Eye 3. has a fever over 38 degrees Celsius. 4. is vomiting or has diarrhea 5. has a skin infection or an undiagnosed rash 6. is not well enough to participate in all program activities including outdoor play
Discipline Policy
Our goal is to assist children in developing self-control, self-confidence, self-discipline and sensitivity in their interactions with others.
Prevention and Intervention Strategies
We encourage children to talk through their problems and conflicts, and to make appropriate choices and compromises. However, if a child seems unable to cope in a situation, the staff will intervene. The staff will reinforce and model appropriate behaviors in order to maximize opportunities for desirable behavior.
1. Helping the child express feelings verbally. 2. Holding the child to protect him/her and or children until self-control is regained. In the event a child is held for safety reasons, an incident report will be filed with the licensing officer. 3. Limiting use of equipment. 4. Modeling problem solving skills. 5. Offering appropriate choices. 6. Redirecting. 7. Setting clear guidelines and limits which are continually reinforced. 8. Time away from an activity- this involves removal from an activity to discuss the effects of the undesirable behavior. 9. Using logical, reasonable consequences
Lines of Communication
Occasionally, photographs may be taken of the children during centre hours, and these photographs may be published. Videos may be taken for centre purposes, but not for publication. Parent consent is required for children to be in these photographs and videos.
If you do NOT want us to use your child’s photo, please leave these blank.
Personal Belongings
It is recommended that the child(ren) not bring any toys, electronics or other valuable items to the program. CityReach Care Society is not responsible for any personal items, lost, stolen, or damaged.
All applicants wishing to register their child(ren) for enrolment in the CityReach Day Camp, must provide a one-time, NON-REFUNDABLE Registration Fee to secure their spot. This fee goes toward the cost of their Tshirts, and is in addition to the fees paid for the camp.
Change of Information
Although all files are confidential, the Licensing Officer does have access during an inspection.
Acknowledgement and Agreement
Parent's Information
Parent's Information
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Child 1 Information
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Child 4 Information
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