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CityReach Care Society is a registered Canadian charity serving thousands of vulnerable individuals, children and families across Greater Vancouver. Specializing in meeting tangible needs through food security initiatives, CityReach provides a network of support through a variety of programs and community events. With Hope at our core, CityReach is seeing lives changed and helping people prosper.

Bringing Hope to Vulnerable Individuals, Children, and Families in Greater Vancouver

CityReach Care Society is dedicated to changing lives and helping people prosper through our commitment to providing tangible support and fostering a sense of hope in the community.

Food Security Initiatives

Programs and Support Services

Community Events and Engagement

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CityReach Features

Food For Families

Food for Families is a foodbank for individuals and families in Greater Vancouver. We serve wholesome and nutritious food including fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, proteins and grains.


CityReach partners with over 50 schools in the Greater Vancouver Area through food support, seasonal events, and other essential resources to see students, schools, and communities thrive.

Club Freedom

Every week we offer a nourishing hot meal for community guests. We provide a safe and accepting environment with opportunities to receive Christian counselling, referrals to recovery programs, affordable housing and more.