CityReach In The News

We are grateful for any opportunities to share the work we get to do in this community and invite others to be a part of it! Here are some recent highlights, updates and interviews where CityReach has been featured in local news. Check them out below!

Boxes of Love: Christmas Joy for 700 Families

Last year, CityReach hosted the 25th Annual “Boxes of Love” event, which provided support to 700 local families and over 2,000 children. Watch to hear more about this event and why it matters to our community.

Finding Help: How a Newcomer Mother Found Support Through CityReach

Caught between inflation and a high cost of living, many families are struggling to provide food for their families. We can do better, and we are here to help.

Meeting Cheryl - Our Community Events Director - Food Stash Foundation

Facing rising costs and economic challenges, families are struggling to make ends meet. Cheryl and CityReach are committed to providing food and support, bringing hope to our community.